Run No. 614 26th May 2003

Aldbury NT car park

Runners:  13
Mutts:  -
Ankle Biters:  -
Knitting Circle:  -
Apres:  -
Newies/Returnees:  -

I know the venue was a long way from base, but these things have to be done sometimes! The venue provided excellent wooded trails and a quaint village complete with duck pond. Your hares provided a gem of a run, less than an hour in duration, through a few dollops of shiggy, a beer stop and snacks and beer after the run.

The pack arrived in dribs and drabs and by 4:15 we thought we had all that were coming, so RINGKISSER called us to order. No newies or anniversaries this week, but there was a birthday girl! none other than RINGKISSER. The circle was handed over to the hares when STALLION announced CONNOR needed the toilet so BOF was required to supervise number one son (instead of setting off on the hash). Being such a nice day the pack decided to hang around and finally set off after tinkle time was over.

The usual suspects surge to the front and it's FUC A DUCK who finds the first check: fairly soon after he discovers the first falsie of the day. RAJAH takes over the mantle and gets to the next check first. He picks a trail with no flour which leaves PENETRATOR to lead the pack deep into the woods. He's having some luck today and guesses that it's left at the next check (which was the real trail but also a huge bar check!!). The hares are marking the trail as they go as MY LITTLE PONY, SNAIL and offspring are walking. Good job this as it enables SHAGPILE and UNDERLAY to navigate the woods to the first held check (having been held up by a shunt on the M1). The held check gives NOT MY BITCH plenty of targets to whack with a huge stick.

After FUC A DUCK discovers the next bar check it's left to RINGER and BOF to lead the pack down hill into a huge dip and a check. This was swiftly followed by another and trot down the road before a circuit of the allotments of Aldbury, lead by NIK-NAK and PENETRATOR.

The pack were disgruntled (well SHAGPILE was) when we ran past the VALIANT TROOPER (a pub in case you hadn't guessed) and on to a check by the duck pond. The real trail was found and the pack passed the Greyhound (another pub) on their way to the cricket field and the beer stop.

Thirsts quenched the pack set out on their assent back to the monument and the non-existent ON INN.

The circle was called and there were drinks for the hares and the birthday girl. The secret RA (RINGER) awarded a drink to STALLION for holding up the start of the run and one to NIK-NAK for imparting her story about scattering a relative's ashes in the woods.