Run No. 613 19th May 2003

The Fisherman, Fishers Green, Stevenage

Runners:  21
Mutts:  -
Ankle Biters:  -
Knitting Circle:  -
Apres:  -
Newies/Returnees:  -

It didn't look promising. The rain was heaving it down on the way to Stevenage and the sky was blacker than old Nik's hat. The small but determined crowd of Hfivers gathered at the Fisherman pub in what was now just a steady drizzle. Asst - RA Cardiac had obviously been shaking his chicken bones and licking his seaweed as the weather began to improve just as ON OFF was called. There may not have been much dust left, but at least the pack wasn't going to get drenched during the run.

The first check was found pretty quickly, and satisfyingly, the FRBs checked out all the falsies. Mabel eventually found the true trail, and led the pack along the wooded footpath. A fair bit of live dust laying was required to make the trail more apparent, but it must have worked as Pecker remarked that "the trail had fooled him by twisting all over the place".

The rain and steep muddy embankment caused a fair bit of concern and claimed a few fallers (Yours truly, G-String and Rajah) who ended up wearing a chunk of Hertfordshire terra firma. Underlay and newie Helen checked out the ladies check, and soon after, urban Stevenage was left behind as the pack crossed under the A1 and headed out into the countryside. Shaggy cruelly let Cap't Haddock run a horrendously long falsie, while the rest of the pack were given a pointer to the right direction. By now, those who thought they knew the area started moaning that we were still heading away from the pub, and it was already 8 o'clock! Oh ye of little faith! When have I ever laid a long run?

The penultimate held check was - err held of course, while Skidmark, Mack and the GM caught up. While the pack hovered, I blatantly dropped some dust a few feet down the false trail thinking no-one would be daft enough to fall for it. Me ineptum! Leaving Knobber, Five Baar and Mabel behind the rest of the pack set-off towards the final equine obstacle. Having warned the pack about the over-friendly horses, I detected some slight disappointment as an empty field was all that could be seen.

Anyhow, that was the end of yet another fab run. Down-downs were awarded to Helen for telling everyone what she did for employment, Florence for giving Paintball grief every week, newie A N Other for being there, G-String for something-or-other, Knobber as parent of the lost sweatshirt.

ONON - Shagpile & Shaggy