Run No. 609 21st April 2003

Rowney Warren, Chicksands

Runners:  23
Mutts:  -
Ankle Biters:  -
Knitting Circle:  -
Apres:  -
Newies/Returnees:  -

The hash gathered for the circle after the GM had gone through the usual questions Birthdays, Anniversaries etc. The hares stepped forward: Paintball, Florence for the Easter egg run and Shagpile dressed suitable in his St George's uniform and Penetrator for the St George's run.

After some confusing description of hash signs (this was due to the fact that both runs intersected each other). Smiffo lead the pack off straight to a check. Off he shot down one of the possible trails only to find it was a falsie. Back to the check only to find yet another false trail. The pack eventually found the right trail and the echoing sound of On - On was heard. Soon after a bar check was discovered and the hash scouted around for the real trail. The three dogs seemed to be enjoying the freedom of the woods as they where darting around all over the place, chasing sticks that the hash where throwing for them and pushing aside all in there way.

Mabel saw some flour and went charging up a short sharp slope and off down yet another trail only to find a bar at the end. My Little Pony found some flour shouting On - On the pack are off again. This leads us to held check. When the back markers get to the check the hares tell the pack to 'check it out'. Mabel off in one direction and Smiffo off in another, luckily for the hares Mabel shouts first and Pooper and Big Blouse follow like sheep down to false trail. Smiffo is check hovering and as soon as he sees the front-runners are coming back he shouts On - On down the dip and up the other side, confidently shouting On - On, but only to return back down the hill and off onto a side trail.

Up another side trail and on to a ladies check where Gorjoyce was the first lady there. Very reluctantly she went off in search of the trail - which she found first time. The whole pack followed and after a couple of more checks the FRBs came across a numbered check. The first 5 had to run to the back of the pack. This included Nik-Nak! Must be a first for her? Shaggy finds the trail, and after some confusion the pack follows on. Bell End was scribbling notes in his crib sheet about running through a 'T'.

At the next held check there was a pause while the knitting circle caught up, namely Good Crack, Skidmark and Ringkisser. Once again the hash continue with FRB Mabel leading the pack towards the main road via the mountain bike circuit. Crossing over the road off we go through the woods with Shagpile now taking over as the lead hare. After several more false trails and held checks Shagpile disappears trying to find Not-My-Bitch who had decided to abandon the trail and have her own fun running up and down a stream. With the hash now well spread out much to the relief of everyone the sound of On Inn can be heard ringing out through the woods.

We arrive back at the car park to find out what a good job MG-String has made of looking after the BBQ. The circle is called and down-downs are awarded to the hares for their excellent job. Down-downs also awarded to the three birthday people, plus Five Baah for wearing a marathon T-shirt, and My Little Pony for wearing a sports T-shirt. When the circle was disbanded it was down to cooking food on the BBQ and drinking beer with the 4 dogs doing there best to eat any spare (or not so spare) food.

ONON - Penetrator