Run No. 607 6th April 2003

The Cock, Broom

Runners:  26
Mutts:  -
Ankle Biters:  -
Knitting Circle:  -
Apres:  -
Newies/Returnees:  -

It was a pleasant surprise not to be run down by a dark blue polo screeching to a halt and Big Blouse and No Knickers hurriedly locking the car to join the circle. Wonder why that was?

The GM called the circle. Whilst he was going through all the normal questions, Birthdays, of which there were two, Sasquatch and Tight Wad, Anniversaries etc. Mac decided to have his own circle with Not My Bitch; this totally disrupts the hash circle. The hares step forward and after a very quick description of the run the pack set off out of the pub. Pecker shouts On - On and the pack follow.

Florence notices that one of the hares is holding back so comments that that must be a false trail (should have got a down - down for that). Off we go towards the direction of the White Horse. Lunch Box is leading the pack with me right behind him, I know that he has not been to the hash for some weeks but surly he shouldn't run through a check. After running a few false trails the pack finds the right one.

As I arrive at the next check I am rather bewildered to find Mekon, Sludge and Lunch Box coming back from the real trail. Shaggy calls the pack back from the false and off we go across a field, only to find that Pecker is hovering at the next check, which luckily for the hares is a held on. When all the back runners have arrived at the check, Ringer is off across the road and charging up a bridle path (false trail) the main pack run down the road and off to the left down another bridal path to a check. On - On is called in two directions Penetrator follows My Little Pony and others whilst Shaggy follows the main pack on the others only to find that both trails end up at the same check (a very cunning plan). When all the pack had regrouped off we set again to a V check standing for View. The hares deliberately chose this for all of you bird watchers and we all know that Shagpile is a very ardent bird watcher.

Big Blouse calls On - On only to find it's a false trail back to the check where it's left to Pecker to find the correct way which leads us on to a held check. Pecker being the wily hasher that he is, thinks he has found the right trail first time calling On - On the pack follow - wrong! Skidmark starts to call On and through the woods we go taking care to miss the low tree branches eventually ending up at what appeared to be a replica of Ayres Rock? And a ladies check Florence rather reluctantly goes one way and Screamer another. Being the gentleman that I am I call Florence back from the false trail to follow Screamer. When we get to the main road there is a shortcut for the walkers whilst the rest of the hash cross the road and head down another bridleway. At the bottom of the bridleway there is a check but most of the seasoned hashers looking at their watches and realising that it is much to late to be going away from the pub lead by Sludge head off across the field towards Broom across and along the road onto another footpath across the field and into the village where there is a held check. Shaggy shouts "check it out" along a alleyway to find the ON INN back to the pub.

After the GM gave the hares their Down Down's he announced that there was not one but two secret RAs: Pongo and Dead Meat. After Sasquatch and Tight Wad had their Down Down's for their birthdays, various other misdemeanours the Hashshit was awarded to Big Blouse. The whole of the of the Hash would like to congratulate No Knickers for running an excellent time in the Sandy 10 and knocking 13 minutes of her previous time hope she isn't becoming to competitive.

On - On from Shaggy and Penetrator.