Run No. 606 30th March 2003

The Bricklayer's Arms, Potton

Runners:  19
Mutts:  -
Ankle Biters:  -
Knitting Circle:  -
Apres:  -
Newies/Returnees:  -

A splendiferous run was promised, and that's what was delivered! Even without a RA the weather was fab and the spring sunshine shone on the assembled hash throng and yea, they felt righteous!

Following a brief circle the on-off was called with FRBs Pecker and Smiffo to the fore. They soon found one of the many bar checks and had to about-face. A short trot through the housing estate was followed by a check and the trail then almost returned to the pub - but no early shouts of 'on-inn' this week as the pub couldn't actually been seen. Another bar check had some of the pack guessing, but FKA Duck sussed out that the trail branched into a patch of scrub land. This was just a loop and very soon a 'ladies check' was found. The honour of checking-it-out fell to No Knickers, she being the only able-bodied harriette on the run. She wasn't side tracked by any of the falsies (Curses!) and headed of straight to Deepdale wood.

The trail meandered through the wood, like a twisty-turny-trail-thing, with lots of bar checks and the odd veteran's check (over 200 runs). The trail's apparent direction was out towards Everton, with a number of parallel paths being discovered. Tight Wad and Paintball were among the confident FRBs who were disappointed and had to retrace their steps. Eventually all was revealed and the True Path was discovered by Ringer back toward the Old Locomotive pub (yours for only £0.5 million, including main road 2ft from the front door!). Now was the time to catch the mutts (3 on this run) as the road had to be crossed.

By now the pack was quite well spread out, and may have looked to some as being the result of Bad Haring! But of course that couldn't possibly happen on one of yours truly runs! A '4 to-the-back' check was found by the FRBs (Smiffo, Tight Wad, Ringer & No Knickers) who had to go a long way to find the back markers. About then the hour was just about up, and according to plan the run came to the end with the On Inn being discovered.

The Circle attracted a few of the locals to watch as double-secret RA Pecker did his stuff. Down-Downs went to Big Blouse for 'sex on the hash' and for forgetting No Knickers' hash name, Chris the publican for not controlling his bitch (the guest hash mutt), Ringkisser as a token 'mother', it being mothering Sunday and I think our GM awarded himself the dregs of the down-down jug. Then it was time to watch England thrash Ireland at rugby and drink loads more beer. Ahhh what a life!

ONON - Shagpile & Underlay