Run No. 603 9th March 2003

The Wagon & Horses, Barton-le-Clay

Runners:  22
Mutts:  -
Ankle Biters:  -
Knitting Circle:  -
Apres:  -
Newies/Returnees:  -

A pleasant, early spring morning greeted the assembled hashers in the village of Barton-le-Clay for Tight Wad's and Bedpan's & Skidmark's run. Hash Mistress Ringkisser called the circle where upon the hares performed the Okey-Kokey constantly entering and leaving the circle while interrupted by forgotten anniversaries (Stallion and BOF), late comers (Nik-Nak, No Knickers, etc), newies (Prickly Bush) and the like. Eventually, Tight Wad thanked Skidmark for standing in at late notice for Bedpan and the On-On was called.

Good to see a trusting pack of hounds all running off in the direction given by the hare, straight down a falsie! So back past the pub (far too soon to apply the "I can see the pub, so on-inn" rule - [wrong. Hares don't get to make up their own rules. See here if you're not sure - Ed]) and up the High Street. Another bar and a longer falsie, led by Sludge, before the first check is found. Here the FRBs dash off towards Sharpenhoe before encountering a bar at the end of the road. Doubling back, they quickly found the right trail and continued past the playing fields. Meanwhile the knitting circle meandered on to the next check, joined by Shagpile and Not-my-Bitch (no dogs through the playing fields - sorry, Hare's fault!).

After re-grouping the pack set off towards the church, finding the trail with ease. Another held check at the church obviously provided some divine inspiration as the everyone took the correct trail towards the looming Barton Hills. (How did they guess?)

At the foothills, Ringkisser, Nik-Nak and the back hare Skidmark take the shortcut (as clearly signalled for the benefit of those flying into Luton airport) while everyone else takes on the steep climb up the hill. Only one false trail meant a straightforward ascent. A grand effort by all meant that finally the pack was able to take a breather and enjoy the wonderful views from the top. Well the only way on was back along the ridge, with White Rabbit, No Knickers, Florence and Pussies Galore (wo)manfully bringing up their rears.

Upon descending, Pecker, Paintball and Ringer formed their own expedition party to Hexton before realising their mistake and turning back towards Barton and the rest of the pack who sort of re-grouped along with the short cutters.

A perceived lack of flour at this point (there where loads of blobs - you hounds just don't look hard enough!) led to some confusion with some deviation of the correct route taken by various hashers before finally the on-inn and back to the pub.

The circle was called again, with the secret RA, Penetrator, performing the duties. Down-downs to the hares first (super job, Skidmark) and despite suffering a speech impediment while explaining the down-down awarded to Prickly Bush, this was finally given to Shagpile for being the sponsor (put a disclaimer on the web site and avoid this in future! - It's been there for 2 months, see home page - Ed) A 100 run award to Sludge who drank in style spilling beer over his new top, one each to Stallion and BOF for (how many years BOF? 3 or 4?) of marriage and one to Bedpan who turned up 'Après' just to show off her chest, I mean medal, she'd just got for her ten-mile run.

On-On to the Green Man, Tight Wad.