Run No. 600 15th February 2003

Village Hall, Haynes

Runners:  27
Mutts:  -
Ankle Biters:  -
Knitting Circle:  -
Apres:  -
Newies/Returnees:  -

Well it's official, Hash Trash says "Thanks to the hares for laying an excellent run"!!!!! Was he on the run or was it the euphoria of the Gunners winning in the cup; how did Giggs manage to miss that sitter??? Anyway back to the matter in hand. The words are being penned by SMIFFO because he knows that CARDIAC will have forgotten to do them, even after being reminded (and agreeing to do them) on Sunday evening.

Well the glorious 15th arrived and we were greeted by a cold morning (made even colder by starting at 9:00am; had to get back for the footie). Not much of note happened during the lay other than CARDIAC pointing out where he spent twenty minutes up to his knees in shiggy the previous week on the recce. So if you thought it was cold on the run thank your lucky stars it wasn't 5 degrees warmer otherwise you'd still be stuck in the shiggy.

On our way back to the hall a car pulled up alongside us and the occupants enquired as to where the ON INN was. It was F'c A DUCK and FLORENCE come to decorate the hall (along with all the others) who were not at the hall (so I can't name the worthy wonders) despite it being 10 minutes after the appointed meeting time. So in true hash tradition the two decorators went off to find some lunch!

I move forward two hours (after Giggsy proved he's a big girl's blouse) and the pack are assembled (well not quite true, they're all in the warm and have to be ushered out by the GM). The circle discovers it's G-STRING and SKIDMARK's anniversary (did they get a down down ?? I can't remember I'd had to many beers to celebrate England's victory by then) and another couple announced their impending nuptials. I did ask who of the assembled throng was present at run number one and only FIVE BAR owned up!

Enough of that, the run took 90 minutes (the time it took the Gunners to beat United!!) and we managed to get a beer stop and some bubbly in that time. The run took us out of the village an in to the woods which was enjoyed by all, especially the two more cranailly (??? not in my spell checker, anyone else recognise it? - ED) challenged of the pack, who charged about like demons, well I suppose having four legs helps. Then it was a short trot back up the main street of Haynes to the ON INN.

Oh just one other thing thanks to CARDIAC for bringing the telly so we could watch England beat France, shame he left it at the Hall at the end of the evening. Hope the RA found it and it's in the lost property. The beery haze descended about this time so I can't report on anything more I do vaguely remember getting a hare's DOWN DOWN with CARDIAC, but any more are a mystery; especially on Wednesday lunchtime.

ON ON till the next time SMIFFO & CARDIAC (in absenture)