Run No. 589 1st December 2002

The Fox, Pirton

Runners:  20
Mutts:  -
Ankle Biters:  -
Knitting Circle:  -
Apres:  -
Newies/Returnees:  -

The Three Hares,, Paintball and Pooper along with Paige met outside The Fox in Pirton with the intention of laying the longest, wettest, shiggiest, twistiest, blah de blah run ever this winter. After much discussion the route was decided and the four set off looking for any devious ways of foxing the hounds.

HM Ringkisser called the circle and the hares were introduced. and Pooper only entered the circle - no Paintball. Paintball was abroad in Luton running a relay marathon, with Matchstick and Ringer. The trio came close behind the team from the Luton Girls' Choir and just in front of the Luton Geriatrics Walking Club (funny how Paintball can't pass a lady runner).

After explaining the reason for dust between Florence's legs as just some more skullduggery the on was indicated and the pack took off. Smiffo took up the running followed by all except BOF who managed to lose herself in the car park area of the pub and was lost to the pack for some half hour. The followers of the real trail met at one of Paintball's ladies checks. Skidmark led the way only on to a T which Florence was requested to remove later (skullduggery) and across the fields. Up one side across the top and down the other led the pack back to the ladies check one giant loop back to where we started. It was on this section of the run the RA provided wind and driving rain, great weather for hashing.

When the pack started off again, Florence had removed the T and replaced it with 2 of the biggest blobs ever seen on the hash. The trail led through the housing estate, across the playing fields losing Pooper and Saschwat [He probably means Sasquatch here - Archive Ed] in the process and headed off to the base of (THE HILL). It was at this point after seeing the despondent looks on the faces of the pack the Hare felt compassion and directed Screamer on a short cut that by-passed the inevitable hill and on to the Motte and Bailey to the ON INN. The hashers were treated to the sight of Slazack [...and he probably meant Szyslak here - Archive Ed] trying to skate and stand at the same time in the shiggy.

Down downs were awarded to the hares, Stallion (who tipped his over the writer's head), Penetrator for a mix-up between Bell End, G-String and Scarecrow [sigh...does he mean Airscrew? No, he wasn't there - Archive Ed]. Pecker was nominated for dobbing, Florence by Florence.