Run No. 586 10th November 2002

The White Lion, Walkern

Runners:  33
Mutts:  -
Ankle Biters:  -
Knitting Circle:  -
Apres:  -
Newies/Returnees:  -

Just one look at the rain may well have put me off running but being a hare I just had to go. A groggy looking G-String called for a circle and we bowed out heads from 2 minutes before heading off down the 'normal footpath'. Good as gold, the FRBs anticipating a run to the West checked out every falsie before looping around a housing estate where Donut claimed that much of the dust had been rubbed out by the local kids.

It was the up eastwards into open countryside, the late starters having been given a chance to catch up. After numerous short falsies, Shaggy lead the pack on a really long one but, bless him, he pretended the 'T' was just a check, giving the FRBs plenty of exercise. With houses again in sight the real trail turned back at 30 degrees across a recently planted field - well marked with bags of flour and just right for building up 6 inch heels. It seemed to take ages for a disorientated pack to find the correct trail but they were soon rewarded with a wash in the local ford.

As we circled up all seemed well with the RA, FKA Duck announced that he had been walking out with Florence for 3 years, Dan Dare was rewarded for producing baby Felicity (with some help from Bedpan (Didn't know Bedpan was doing the surrogate mum thing, I though Mekon had carried it!- Ed)), but then Bell End turned mean. Among the down downs were Pecker for turning up late, Penetrator for leaving the circle, Donut for false arrows, One who hung his head in shame (Captain CrippleCock [that'd be MAJOR Cripplecock wouldn't it? - Archive Ed]) for confusing the start with Saturday's New Moon, and Heather and Biggles for covering the RA with mud.

It was all too much for Underlay who told us she had "Laid a Hare" - just shows what can happen when you don't run!

But what a turn out for a wet morning! Albeit there were 10+ sprogs

Pongo and Donut