Run No. 585 3rd November 2002

The Noah's Ark, Shillington

Runners:  28
Mutts:  -
Ankle Biters:  -
Knitting Circle:  -
Apres:  -
Newies/Returnees:  -

On a beautiful Saturday G-String and Bell End arranged to meet at the Noah's Ark in Shillington to lay the hash. It was clearly a well planned affair as G-S, who had chosen the venue, could not even find the pub and had to 'phone his co-hare for directions. A wonderful trail was duly laid, despite a number of public footpaths and signs having disappeared. Sunday night it duly poured down, washing much of the flour away, and so the pack duly met on Sunday morning, some of them the worse for wear after the AGM on Friday and Screamer's 40th birthday party on the Saturday.

The pack set off up the hill, almost reaching the famous (but I can't remember why) church, from where they would have had a beautiful view, only to find it was a false trail. Next Smiffo shot off down a footpath next to a stream, completely failing to see the large trout that had so entertained the hares the previous day. Once more it was a false trail and the pack headed back and off down Bury Road, this time finding a bar. The true trail was finally discovered down a footpath further along the road from that taken by Smiffo. The hash duly wended its way through the countryside, enjoying the blue sky and sunshine laid on by the new RA.

The hares had two especially interesting checks for the pack to enjoy, only to find the local farmers had sabotaged both of them. The first had been laid at the corner of a filed (I expect it was a field - Ed) where the obvious routes were false, and the real trail - on Saturday - went along an unsigned footpath that was merely a ploughed field. Unfortunately for the hares the next day the farmer had ploughed up the main false trail - though this did not stop a handful of hashers getting halfway across the freshly ploughed field before being called back - and had relaid the correct path. Even with his help it took the hash several attempts to find the correct path and they were off to the next nice touch. A check where the hares the previous day had had to reconnoitre extensively to find the path. One, which according to the map would have led into a back garden, had disappeared completely and the real trail led through a gap in the hedge that could only be seen from a few feet away. Unfortunately the hares fun was spoiled on the Sunday by the locals using the public footpath for clay pigeon shooting. The hares, deciding they may be punished in the circle if they got any of the hash shot, decided to show them the correct trail. So it was on past a large number of nervous looking chickens (they had clearly seen Shaggy was with us). Thence it was on back into the town and up to the church. Smiffo again led the way straight on downhill where, hopefully, he enjoyed the sight of the beautiful old timbered buildings. Hopefully, because it was another false trail and he had to remount the hill. Half the pack then shot off downhill on another false trail, only to have to remount the hill once more where they rejoined G-String and the knitting circle who had followed the correct trail through the churchyard and on out, to enjoy the wonderful view, including the sight of the On Inn.

So back to the pub after a run of fifty-five minutes (five minutes shorter than planned due to the shotguns).

Down Downs in the circle for birthdays (Screamer and Miss Knobber), visitors and ????? for a numbered run. Gorjoyce was also called in for a numbered run award but had left the circle - without asking permission - just beforehand and so still has to be done, after being taken in hand for her miscreant behaviour.

The RA punished G-String, the new GM, for lost property (justice at last) - left in his car on the trip from Hardwick Hall, and Paintball for attempting to molest Skidmark (Oi - that's my job - Ed) at the AGM, then giving her husband tongue instead. The RA, having hared the run, then passed the circle over to the secret RA, Ringkisser, to hand out suitable punishments, and was punished herself by Smiffo, the secret secret RA.