Run No. 578 15th September 2002

The Golden Lion, Clifton

Runners:  20
Mutts:  -
Ankle Biters:  -
Knitting Circle:  -
Apres:  -
Newies/Returnees:  -

The hashers set out on a cloudy autumn morning, hoping that a run laid by two teenagers would not be one lap of a school field. Luckily for them it wasn't, but it looked ever so likely when we realised that we had no flour. So a good idea from Screamer led us to the local shop. The flour was 48p a bag! The people in Clifton must be stinking rich to afford that! Oh well, sacrifices must be made for the hash, so we had to buy it. The circle assembled at a few minutes past eleven, to be informed of many spillages and mistakes. Oh well, the run went better than we expected it to.

The hashers set out along the first falsie as expected, so that the knitting circle could stay with us. They found the right route straight away after that. It took us an hour to lay the confusing first part around Clifton bike paths, but only 5 minutes to run it! Oh well, we did make millions of mistakes. After many laughs at our dropped bag of flour we continued up a footpath (rather smelly!) and came to a Paintball style Ladies Check. Ladies checked it out and we set off over the bridge and into Henlow. A hares' choice check sent out Pecker and My Little Pony to check it out. The hash continued along the road until they reached the carefully planned 6 check, sending back Pecker, G-String, Cardiac and a few other mugs who were not so happy with us. A short trip down a footpath brought us to a held check and another strange blob of flour. We carried on up the road to reach a shortcut opportunity, which was gladly accepted by the knitting circle and Shagpile [so pleased that I'm not considered to be part of the knitting circle! - Ed]. That was probably the first time that a walking shortcut has arrived at the on inn at the same time as the runners. Drinks all round followed by the circle. Down Downs to the newie, the hares, the birthday boy and the hares again for their generosity with the flour (Shagpile was generous with the flour he put into my face!) He got the hashit anyway... hee hee.

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