Run No. 575 26th August 2002

Santon Downham, Thetford Forest

Runners:  12
Mutts:  -
Ankle Biters:  -
Knitting Circle:  -
Apres:  -
Newies/Returnees:  -

Well, the last Monday run of the season has been completed. A select band of connoisseurs of Hashing dutifully assembled at this remote location. It was a lovely little run (even if I say so myself) through a verdant landscape peppered with four bags of Tesco's finest self-raising.

G-STRING calls the circle to order and the pack learn of Woodhall junior and Worboys seniors impending birthdays (happy birthday JACK and BILL, no they didn't go to fetch a pail of water!).

A few instructions from the hare and the pack are off into the woods. After negotiating the railway via an underpass a check is discovered. First CARDIAC then POOPER and finally PAINTBALL find the falsies. PECKER is striding out on the real trail, but is soon eclipsed at the front by EBONY who spots a tree branch, which is carried back and forth through the pack.

With the warning shouts of "dog with a log" and the occasional ON ON the wildlife seen on the run recee (deer) did not make another appearance. However, the high humidity had brought out the biggest black slugs, who were happily munching away at the dust which gave the walkers some entertainment whilst waiting for the pack.

15 minutes into the run NATHAN had had enough of being passed between mum and dad (SNOW WHITE and W***** the BANKER) so he joined the walkers as well.

Few more checks and the pack arrive at the level crossing and head into the village. CARDIAC is not convinced and heads off along the bank of the river followed by TOM. HARRY knows better and follows PECKER through the village to the church.

Two more checks and it's ON INN across the bouncy bridge to the smoking BBQs. All back in 50 minutes, the runners all beaten by the walkers!

Down Downs were awarded to SMIFFO (Hare), BILL and JACK (birthdays), PECKER, HASH BIKE (lost property), POOPER (asking the hare which way it was at the check), SNOW WHITE and W***** the BANKER (passing supervision of NATHAN). There were more, but I've been to sleep since then.