Run No. 568 8th July 2002

The Fox, Pirton

Runners:  25
Mutts:  -
Ankle Biters:  -
Knitting Circle:  -
Apres:  -
Newies/Returnees:  -

After carefully laying the run on a sunny Sunday afternoon, we discover come Monday that the heavens had opened and washed most of the flour away! Not a good start for the virgin hare (Bedpan) and her faithful companion Tightwad. (There's a good boy!)

Despite Monday's rough weather, the hash assembled, a respectable 25 not so respectable members outside the pub. The circle was called, where Screamer and Giblets confessed to 17 years of wedded bliss! And the hares called out On On!

Well, as you could probably guess with a Virgin Hare attempting to direct the pack, it was not long before everything went bottoms up! Bedpan had a sudden bout of short term memory loss and completely lost the trail, despite laying it 24 hours earlier. Confusion reigned in the pack until faithful Tightwad saved the hash from becoming a complete farce. While the pack were running the falsies, Nik-Nak and Cap'n Haddock made an appearance and then promptly disappeared down a dark murky alley. (They were found before the first check, fortunately) After running several garden paths and dingy lanes, the first check was found. Hooray!

Paintball and Shaggy checked the falsies and on to the next check. This run was taking the pack further towards Hitchin and away from Pirton village. Bell End, Penetrator and FRBs stride out on a home run towards Hitchin, definitely on a falsie. By the time all the FRBs arrive back on the right trail (back to Pirton), the knitting circle have caught up and we all rendezvous at the held check.

Through the garden allotments on another falsie (Pongo strolls through it), the pack loses Shaggy to the motte and bailey! (not the pub!) before reaching the ladies check. Lunch Box became confused and began checking out possible routes. After much milling around, Florence and White Rabbit find the route and its On On up the long and hilly tracks.

First at the numbered check were Pecker and posse. (They have obviously run this route before and with ease!). F'ka Duck managed a bit of competitive running up the hill and Pongo and Cap'n Haddock admired the view over the village. It was at this particular point where the knitting circle managed to over take the FRBs with a bit of short-cutting, while the FRBs soldiered up the hill and pass the wood.

From then on the route was a straight run down the hill on back towards the village, pass the church and on to an On Inn!! Down downs for the hares, Screamer and Giblets for 17yrs, and Lunch Box for confusion. Hashits awarded to Bedpan, G-String and Pooper for texting lady friends while in the circle!

ONON Bedpan and Tightwad.