Run No. 564 10th June 2002

The White Swan, Shefford

Runners:  26
Mutts:  -
Ankle Biters:  -
Knitting Circle:  -
Apres:  -
Newies/Returnees:  -

Lovely weather on a Sunday afternoon straight after bucketfuls in the morning brings joy to any man (or woman). It was with this joy we set off to lay the hash in the wonderful, but rather damp countryside of Shefford. We both grinned as we came back. Giblets had at last got his revenge on all those FRB hares, who always manage to get him with long falsies and '3 go to the back' checks. The next day it rained extremely hard, and we feared for the poor trail's survival. It managed to pull through though. The circle was called, and we uncovered a newie, blending in to the background of it all. No birthdays or anniversaries though.

The happy hashers set out on the run, hoping that Screamer and Munchkin would have stopped any mean falsies or checks. No chance. They didn't even help to lay the run! They set off through the back paths of Shefford, dodging the stinging nettles and undergrowth. The 3 check sent Pecker, Paintball and someone else (Cardiac?) to the back. Revenge at last. Then we sent the not-so-happy-hashers up Cockshoot Hill, only to find that Pongo had gone back to the pub. He did the right thing! Almost all the hashers took the mile long false trail that was planted. The ever-so-grumbly-hashers came back to speed down the hill, to find the much welcome ON-INN. Sighs of relief led them to a very strange second ON-INN, right in the middle of the road! We soon found that little Munchkin was to blame!

A nice long rest later, the circle was called. Not much beer though...Down Downs for the hares (Screamer, Sasquatch, Giblets and Munchkin), Giblets lots of times for everything that could possibly be punishable, Munchkin for the second ON-INN, several people for using the w word, Pongo for 250 runs (reward late as usual!!!) and also the newie [Richard Woodhead - Archive Ed].

After most of the hash had gone home, there was a very strange topic in the bar, to try and find out who could do the strangest thing with a part of their body (Personally, I thing that me putting a candle out with a single burp was the best!!).

Our walk home after the run was probably an extremely funny sight to passers by. Screamer was walking twice her normal speed, not in a straight line of course!

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