Run No. 561 20th May 2002

The Boot, Kimpton

Runners:  28
Mutts:  -
Ankle Biters:  -
Knitting Circle:  -
Apres:  -
Newies/Returnees:  -

This an H5 Eyes Only Streaming Message, it cannot be stopped, it cannot be traced and will last just 60 seconds (if you don't watch Dark Angel I expect that little intro will mean nothing to you!)

The weather was lovely on Saturday just perfect for laying a hash run and the quiet beers after with the friendly locals made the mouth water for the return leg in the pub the following evening.

PONGO called the circle and those whom had found a parking space circled up and went through the formalities quickly. The pack moved in both the directions until on-on was called and of course it was the sweet voice of PECKER that was heard first and not for the last time either. It was a false of course; the true trail was found by UNDERLAY and the pack followed accordingly.

Got past the first few checks without difficulty until the hounds struggled up the a quite steep hill and found that the first five had to return to the back which I must say was quiet a distance. Continued down the road to the next check and we came across G-STRING and CAPTAIN HADDOCK a bit late so I as for punishment he found the trail that ended up in a one large big loop followed by PENETRATOR, CARDIAC and newie Dave. Unfortunately GOOD CRAIC and GORJOYCE got caught also and had to do the full loop. PECKER feeling guilty for missing it did the loop the other way round. I believe he brought SHAGPILE, UNDERLAY and MY LITTLE PONY with him for a bit of it anyway. The pack all regrouped eventually.

Back into the village to a held check (teasing the hounds of course) and away we went again admiring all the pretty bunting hanging from the houses. Some of the pack ventured into the churchyard but were called back to PECKER calling on-on the pack met at the stiles at the back of the village. But at this stage it looked that we would finish as we were in town but the marathon section of the run came in to play and the pack got fairly spread and it took 20 minutes to loop around and come through the woods and finally back down the hill to ON-INN.(Oh yes CARDIAC said to me were bloody going away from the pub and I said blame RINGER and he said ok.)

But as I arrive back at the pub with a plum tuckered GORJOYCE I find that some of the hashers are missing thinking they would have taken a short cut but no I had to run back up the trail and found them all still coming out of the woods. F'CK A DUCK had a excuse after diving off the scaffold and was escorted around the run. A poor little SNAIL brought up the rear.

All back safely and down-downs to the hares RINGER and RAJAH, the newie Dave, PONGO presented GOOD CRAIC with her 200 Run award (bag) and UNDERLAY with her 150 award (long johns) which she tried on in the circle and showed off her legs, as you do. CAPTAIN HADDOCK for being late and of course all the lost property - why does RINGKISSER always seem to have lost something? Oh yes SHAGPILE for his disgusting jumper, POOPER and PAINTBALL for competitive running.

That's about all folks if you have been left out get in touch with my solicitor and I hope you enjoyed the pub cause I did. (Good Guinness)