Run No. 559 28th April 2002

The Rising Sun, Biggleswade

Runners:  27
Mutts:  -
Ankle Biters:  -
Knitting Circle:  -
Apres:  -
Newies/Returnees:  -

When leaving the run, the Hare thrust a couple of grubby scraps of paper into my hand. "The Words", he said. "Bravo" I said, "Words before the run is hardly over" On reading them, I though he must have made a mistake and given me a script for one of those Channel 4 plays you can't quite follow. However, stick with it and all will be revealed - Scribe

Saturday, and I had just agreed to let my human take me out for a walk when another human came round dressed like an All Black. Strange I thought, it's normally my human who likes to dress in black and run around. It must be catching.

My human showed me up a bit, couldn't find his lead and so I had to show him where he had put it. They show you up so badly! I took them down to my local pub at first, but they were obviously worried about getting lost (putting down flour to follow home) I felt I would give them a challenge.

You know these humans are odd. They put down this white stuff. Just throw it away and when you try and wash it into the gutter they get fed up. Such littering is what makes this country a mess! Yes I told them, but you know humans, these days I know they won't be told. So I thought I'd show this new human the town's smells. I had to be careful though, every time we stopped he'd wander off! My eyesight is not as good as it was, so it's a good thing that he was a Big Bugger.

The weather didn't help. One minute hot and sunny, the next cold and then it rained. If I was human, I'd call it April. I know that because they kept on and on about weather, April, rain and how you can't tell what to wear. You have that all the time, either: I've got nothing to wear; I don't know what to wear; or I would have worn ... if I'd known ! And it is so easy... black fur coat - all year.

Overall I thought they behaved quite well so I gave them a treat. I took them back to the pub before we went home for a drink and a few crisps. I know I'm too soft on them. But I had an ulterior motive. There's a human at the pub that I have a soft spot for. It worked. She let me stay there on Sunday while I let my humans show a whole load of others all those smells from the day before. Did they enjoy themselves? Well they must have, they ran the whole way! They came back and stood in a circle for ages. It was so embarrassing. They had me worried at first they went running off in all directions. Stupid humans, they put down flour and still couldn't remember where they were going. I gather that the same thing happened in the market square. The starlight barking was a hoot, I hear that humans were running hither and thither. I had to sit in their circle for ages while they made funny noises, a bit like singing but not tuneful. They enjoyed themselves!

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