Run No. 556 7th April 2002

White Horse, Hatching Green, nr Harpenden

Runners:  25
Mutts:  -
Ankle Biters:  -
Knitting Circle:  -
Apres:  -
Newies/Returnees:  -

On a warm spring day with a good turnout at the White Horse at Hatching Green, the circle was called to order. It was a wee bit warmer than when we laid it the previous day. The wind was blowing a hooly and Florence was concerned because her freezing fingers were turning blue - until she realised that it was the navy dye from Tesco's finest 12p-a-bag dust.

Sasquatch & Tight Wad announced their birthdays, also that Tight Wad had new shoes. The taller of the two Hares new shoes were missed though. The pack were relieved to hear that there was a total lack of shiggy, then they went off in search of dust.

Pecker & Smiffo were on the right trail, but kept on being called back by the pack who were determined to get onto the common. It was Shaggy who was first to find flour & called the On-On. He found the right trail only to be called back by Tight Wad who had found one of Florence's falsies. When the pack returned Shaggy not only found another falsie but dragged the RA right up to the T (dodgy move!) Giblets & Donut finally found the trail onto a ladies' check. At this point Florence decided that wearing a T-shirt under the dress really was a bit too warm, and desperately tried to do that one manoeuvre that all women can carry out, ie to remove one's undergarments from under one's overgarments without having to first remove said overgarments first! Sadly she failed - and had to be assisted by Ringkisser, but only after being spotted by the RA (Dont miss a thing does he!).

After a series of bars the pack finally ended up at a Veterans' check where Ringer found flour and called On-On. The pack was having none of it. "I'm not going down there" (Good Crack), "It's bound to be a falsie" (Paintball) and "Where's the T" (Pecker) were just some of the comments heard by the front hare, but Ringer kept going and a long wait was required by the FRBs before the pack was convinced, and finally caught up. The trail laid up the disused railway line round the golf course & back into Rothamstead Experimental Station (GM as in genetically modified, not GM as in our illustrious leader) and into the local park. Paintball found dust and called on across the football pitches down to the next check. Giblets found the trail only to lose it in the park. BOF found the trail and the pack was away again. It was Donut who lead the pack out of the park, onto the common to a check. No one was checking this one out. They knew the way to the pub and were then on a mission to find the On Inn. The trail lead away from where the pack thought it should go. "Is it much further?" wailed Bed Pan. "Are we nearly there?" asked Underlay. Just two of the comments made to the front hare as he shepherded them forward. The On Inn was found and all returned safely to the pub.

In the glorious sunshine the GM called the circle. Birthday down downs were given to Tight Wad and Sasquatch. Awards went to Smiffo and Ringkisser for 200 runs, and Pooper for 50 runs. In total 65 sinners were admonished by the RA, himself amongst them. When Munchkin was caught w*anking in the circle it brought the indignant remark from Paige (why hasn't she got a Hash handle?) that she had "Already told him about that! Learn the lesson Munchkin! When the circle was seeming to be longer than the run the circle was dismissed and On-On to run 557. Although no mention was made to our super heroes White Rabbit and Bell End, we send the Hash's best wishes and support for their marathon efforts next week.