Run No. 551 17th March 2002

Biggleswade Station Car Park and aprés at The Brown Bear

Runners:  22
Mutts:  -
Ankle Biters:  -
Knitting Circle:  -
Apres:  -
Newies/Returnees:  -

Special thanks to Smiffo for doing the Words this week in my absence - Scribe.

I thought it was great wheeze having the joint run laid by H4 (no hares to find), but it backfired:

What happens when the hare is indisposed ? - THE SCRIBE writes the words
What happens when the hare and the Scribe are indisposed ? - THE ASST SCRIBE writes the words
What happens when they are all indisposed ? - The Hare Razor gets lumbered.

A depleted H5 pack is assembled at 11:00 hrs ready to go (many sporting green attire to celebrate St Paddies day) along with a good number from H4. A phone call to the missing H4 hare establishes he's on the train, but it's running late. At 11:05 our Western Samoan [aka Rajah - Archive Ed] arrives in black!! And promptly departs to find a toilet for GOOD CRACK who is green from head to toe. At 11:10 NIK-NAK puts in an appearance and by 11:15 the hare has arrived along with TC, Mr X and HYENA. So by 11:20 we have been welcomed by FLIP TOP and DONUT to this joint run and we're off and running.

Out past the Police Station and the old Post Office to the first check. PECKER and GIBLETS find the real trail but are fooled by a 180 degree turn on powder that loops the front runners back to the walkers by the Library. The real trail from the next check takes the FRBs on a mile loop, during which PENETRATOR persuades CARDIAC "I know where we are" and proceeds to get them both lost! They catch up eventually at the first held check, where CAPT HADDOCK demonstrates the mobility of his right arm.

After negotiating a crossing of the A1 the pack encounter the horses mentioned in the circle. At the next check the easy option was right to Biggleswade, so the hare had laid the trail to the left and we got to cross the railway line before arriving at Jordan's Mill and a held check. After gathering everybody together it was a short trot (1-mile) along the riverbank and back though the town to the railway station. The Brown Bear was the chosen venue for the circle (only eight beers on offer).

As well as being scribeless this week; there is also a distinct lack of RAs, so the GM appointed CARDIAC temp RA. Down Downs to the GM, PECKER and the two NEWIES (ex IOW hashers now resident in Beds). Mr X presides over the H4 Down Downs and the circle is over in a record breaking 5 minutes!!!!

So in summary, great run, great beer, short circle.