Run No. 543 20th January 2002

The Red Lion, Deadman's Cross

Runners:  30
Mutts:  -
Ankle Biters:  -
Knitting Circle:  -
Apres:  -
Newies/Returnees:  -

Note that as I'm a believer in Free Speech I have published the Words as received from the cheeky hares, and haven't edited out where they sneakily try and bubble me to the RA. Be warned though, you cards are marked!!

The laying of the run was very interesting. Upon going into the bar to check for permission, PAINTBALL got bitten by the pub dog. On the actual laying of the run, POOPER did many cool stunts on his bike. SASQUATCH was so envious that he swapped bikes, and showed POOPER a thing or two that he already knew. Building the wonderful water bridge was the most fun though. The tree was 2 times longer when it started but it broke a lot when SCREAMER dropped it down the bank. After we got it in place, SASQUATCH and POOPER found a much less entertaining way across, and they carried on. As we carried on, POOPER decided to pull a skid going downhill, with his front brake. You can guess the entertaining result. The run began with a lot of wind. Not from the RA, but from the skies. As the circle formed, we had one returnee, one newie with a mutt, and one visitor from Milton Keynes. All the hashers immediately set out along the wrong trail, with Steve zooming to get in front. On finding the correct trail, everyone stumbled through the countryside to reach a veteran's check. While everyone was speeding down the hill, a few stray hashers, led by PECKER, decided to make their own crop-busting route. After splitting up and various people going down the shortcut, we heard cries of "What the hell was that arrow going into the pond for?" We carried on, following the skidmarks from POOPER's bike, until we came to the wonderful river crossing. Nobody fell in (Such a shame), but SCREAMER fell into the mud on the opposite bank. At this point, two hares; SCREAMER and SASQUATCH accompanied SKIDMARK and SEBASTIAN into the woods and got totally lost. They arrived back at the pub about 15 minutes later than everybody else. Just before the circle, sausages, onion rings (Which Pecker put around his sausage), potatoes and crisps were brought out to us. Not much happened in the circle, as the RA secretly ran out of beer. Shagpile was committing two crimes in the circle:

a) Bragging in the circle
b) Playing in the circle

He had newly bought a Bop-IT game, like Paintball, and was making it read out the high score (105 compared to POOPER's 58). I hope the RA is reading this!

On On

Pooper and Sasquatch