Run No. 541 6th January 2002

The Woodman's Arms, Norton Green, Stevenage

Runners:  26
Mutts:  -
Ankle Biters:  -
Knitting Circle:  -
Apres:  -
Newies/Returnees:  -

Run 541 - Stevenage

Well, the weather broke just in time to turn the nice frozen trail into a quagmire - about time we had one of those, just what real hashing is all about - a chance to watch some of the woosies trying to tiptoe through it whilst the hares knew full well there was worse to come!

All started well with the long run down to Pigeonswick Cottage (that's what the wood yard is called- honest) accompanied by the delightful tones of Ringkisser panting that she was knackered already. The bar check saw Hashers running all over the wood looking for flour that had been decimated by the persistent drizzle over night. The check back cunningly exited the wood 100 metres further up the track via a nice muddy path - which 10% managed to find. The rest made up their own trail whilst Sludge, Ringkisser & Cap'n Haddock were admiring a herd of deer running across the adjacent fields (or was it Plains & Wildebeests?)

Out of the woods and up to a check at the top of the hill where Ebony was investigated by a curious Labrador wondering what the latest in doggy fashion (ohh err missus) sported by said itinerant hound was. Luckily for Ebony the repulsive whiff of the Hashit modelled by the hash hound soon had the Labrador scampering down the hill thinking it has stumbled a upon a curious new mobile cess pit.

The run into Langley village had most fooled - all except Pecker & F'Ka duck who decided they knew where the trail was going 10 minutes before the rest of the pack got there. Unfortunately they were caught by the RA both attempting to dob the other as the major guilty party.

An uneventful run-in with the exception of a tweaked hamstring from Shagpile (over training again) followed by a remarkably shortish circle. The RA cunningly offloaded one hashit to Cap'n Haddock for numerous misdemeanours (arriving late & leaving the circled ere but 2) and then made F'Ka Duck & Pecker arm wrestle for the remaining prize. As the contest was locked in stalemate Smiffo duly intervened to physically influence the outcome before all got hypothermia and was duly rewarded with the hashit himself for perverting the course of justice.

All in all a fine do topped off with some very fine Ruddles County.

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