Run No. 540 30th December 2001

chez G-String & Skidmark, Arlesey

Runners:  25
Mutts:  -
Ankle Biters:  -
Knitting Circle:  -
Apres:  -
Newies/Returnees:  -

Could it be worse? hangovers x 2, runs in Arlesey this year x 4, cold x1 (hare), sleet - yes cold, cold, v. cold.

Yes, yes it snows on the morning of the run. But on the plus side: Pride of Potton, Shannon and Shambles were all present. So the hares set of with joy in their hearts, a map and many ideas, none of them good!

On the morning there were some panic phone calls about the snow. Luckily pink flour won through, or should that be showed through? In fact only the Qatar Check was mucked up.

On the day both hares were there before time and so was the last hasher. An absolute miracle really. Even White Rabbit arrived for the circle. Why didn't she get a down-down for that?

So off we went around the houses; and some more houses and it was off to Henlow. At some point two FRBs ran out of steam, which remind me - the high point of laying the run was returning to a tank of traction engines, or whatever the word for a collection of traction engines is.

Highlight of the run: both Lozenge and Nik-Nak as front runners. Donut for playing rugby on his own (down-downs were given later for playing on one's own). Actually down-downs were far too numerous to mention. So many that Smiffo had to have several refills, that may have been an excuse of course - he was on Shambles.

The circle was disturbed by Ebony and the RA threatened her with the Hashit when she destroyed half the garden as well. Ebony nominated her master as she was wearing her new overcoat. Strangely and bravely, Screamer did not nominate anyone for her Hashit. Is that because she does not have a master or does not have an overcoat or simply didn't know that harrietts may nominate a male hasher so they don't have to show flesh?

The circle was even more disturbed by the persistent 'ObergrüppenFuhrer' assistant RA Bell End who had written down 4 pages of misdemeanours. I mean, writing on the hash must be a 'W' word! Lists smacks of organisation, and organisation suggests management and we definitely don't have that!

By the end of the circle, which was almost as long as the run, the hash was:

very cold
very drunk and
determined to get a new set of RAs next year

ON-ON Cap't Haddock & G String