Run No. 537 9th December 2001

Scout Hut, Stevenage

Runners:  26
Mutts:  -
Ankle Biters:  -
Knitting Circle:  -
Apres:  -
Newies/Returnees:  -

Wow; how the memories came flooding back; the last time I paid a visit to this week's run venue I'd just stopped wearing short trousers and I wore my woggle with pride. After everybody squeezed their cars on to the pavement and marvelled at how DEADMEAT ever passed his driving test the circle was formed on the grass. FLORENCE revealed that she felt intimidated by Steve [that would be Giblets - Archive Ed] standing across the circle from her, everyone else was more concerned about the smell he was emitting (well not him, just the Hashit). DONUT did his bit and awarded yours truly a nice cosy warm Hare Hat (not too bad on a winters day, but it would be hell when the sun shines). I point out the direction of the ON and SHAGGY and PECKER set off at right angles to the trail.

A swift Bar and then a check promotes CAPT HADDOCK to a FRB, he swiftly discovers another bar. STALLION finds the trail and leads us past the children's home. I seem to recall that SHAGPILE did some check hanging at the next check (sorry, that should be all checks; the RA rewarded him for his endeavours with a down down in the circle). Bar check and check back 9 discovered it's on to a loop through the houses after which we encounter PAINTBALL and POOPER who had started late and followed the arrows.

Back into the park, round the tennis courts to the next check. PECKER discovers the two false trails then SKIDMARK finds the right one (only a little hint was given). The FRBs soon catch up and charge on to a bar and split to all corners of the park. They are saved by UNDERLAY and DEADMEAT who find the trail and the next check.

After a brief hold of the next check TIGHT WAD, PECKER and RINGER run a loop back to the same check. All reunited (or so I thought) we set off. After the next check SCREAMER tells me I've lost someone (Panic!!), then Steve trots in, Phew!! Another bar is swiftly followed by a Ladies check; UNDERLAY finds the false trail and WHITE RABBIT guesses correct. After a further bar and normal check are cleared we're ON INN (in 45 minutes).

After getting back to the pub in 50 minutes we are soon (soon! - it was about an hour later! -Ed) back outside for the circle. Beers for the Hare, PONGO for missing the run, SCREAMER (I think) for becoming a Deca runner. The RA then took over and went ON and ON and ON and ON, sent me for more beer and went ON and ON (the only down down that springs to mind is LUNCHBOX for getting his leg over UNDERLAY). G-STRING was then awarded the Hashit for ?? and the circle ended.

The afternoon was rounded off by a couple of games of happy families and Santa putting in an appearance.

OnON - Smiffo