Run No. 536 2nd December 2001

The White Horse, Kimpton

Runners:  27
Mutts:  -
Ankle Biters:  -
Knitting Circle:  -
Apres:  -
Newies/Returnees:  -

Saturday morning the heavens above droppeth their gentlest rain onto the earth beneath. Unfortunately, the earth beneath had had enough of this gentle rain and decided it could sit on top of all the other gentlest rain that had fallen in the last week and make the footpaths and fields around the beautiful village of Kimpton into one seriously muddy quagmire. Saturday afternoon the two intrepid hares, who were infused with a fortitude from heaven, ploughed through mile after mile of track on which the earth had bubbles, as the water had. Yippee! we thought, the hash will enjoy the run tomorrow.Our joyful disposition was shortlived as there was a sharp frost during the night which hardened some of the slippery, oozing, hazardous sludge.

Sunday morning 27 hashers arrived all eager and ready. The 'on on' along the High Street was given and around the corner the first grumbles were heard. Well, yes, you had to run up hills as Kimpton sits in a low valley. Along the first false track ran the FRBs except Pecker who managed to find the correct trail. Across the fields, along another falsie and finally along the correct trail alongside the wood. It was rewarding to see the FRBs run up another falsie, a muddy path, only to find that the correct trail cut through the wood. Into the baa-lamb field and the FRBs ran straight to the sheep gate where the stickiest mud of the run was situated. 'False trail' and they all had to run through it again.

Down the lane and into the High Street and up another hill. Along another path, through another wood and up another hill. Up the steps on to a held check which Pecker totally ignored and played 'Here we go round the mulberry bush' halfway across a field. Yes, the correct trail was across the field but 'held checks' are checks that are to be held. Across a very muddy field which was difficult as it was uphill. Up to the farm and down the lane to a circle with the figure 6 inside it. One hasher could not count up to six and did not go to the back [Don't be shy White Rabbit - it was Smiffo - Ed]. After serious admonition by the rest of the hash he was forced to run to the back of the pack which was further than he thought as Good Crack did a bit of backwards running. Downhill and on to the next check where the circle contained the figure 4. Oh hard luck Raj, you got caught twice!! Back to the pub for 'down downs'. Karen was christened 'Snail' and Lozenge was given the dress for mentioning she had lost two stone. Steve [aka Giblets - Archive Ed] was given the hashit for saying it was good to have long legs and Nik-Nak was given the nightie for something.

On On to the Christmas dinner on Friday and the run and children's party next week.
White Rabbit and Lozenge.