Run No. 535 25th November 2001

The Angel's Reply, Hitchin

Runners:  22
Mutts:  -
Ankle Biters:  -
Knitting Circle:  -
Apres:  -
Newies/Returnees:  -

Run 535 got off to a good start, with the pack On out down the road towards Ickleford; this while the Hare was still discussing the placing of the 'On Inn' with one of the walkers. Left it a bit late!

Having caught up with the front of the pack. It was over the road via the Pedestrian crossing. The pack ran off down towards Ickleford again! Not sure what their fascination was, as I'd laid no trail that way! The trail led in the opposite direction round the corner past the BP station and over the playing fields to a Hash Halt.

The pack of 20 were on again with Pecker guessing the right way as usual, but called back because Ringer found the On down to a nice false. The pack more or less together worked their way through the streets arriving at a check. After a wait for Knobber to catch up, late again, the pack of 21 was on down the hill to the next check.

With one false ran by Donut, the real route was found. This led to a nice bar check, which caught the front runners beautifully. The pack went up round a short loop, down to the roundabout at the bottom of the Hitchin High Street. With Pecker and White Rabbit disappearing into the park (no trail) the hash was left a bit lost. Paintball found a blob of flour and called the pack On up the High Street - to a false. The Pack regrouped and made its way past the Bus station towards the Lido.

With the Lido in sight a bar check led the pack round a small loop behind the school and back up to the Lido. It was then On across the road and into the park. Pecker graciously ran my Bar check and the pack continued on its way towards Safeways, to a Hash Halt. Where White Rabbit was heard to say, "I can do my shopping now".

The pack was on again through the car park with bemused shoppers everywhere and out the other side to an easily missed footpath behind the garage. A climb up a hill led Lunchbox to take a detour into children's playground, but didn't get a chance to play on the swings as it was On up to a Check.

The front runners called the first On down to a False trail, which was clearly marked, but were seen milling around to my surprise. They thought it looked like an 'H' and decided to stop. On closer inspection it was clearly deemed a 'T' and the pack was back to the check. It was then a hard slog up the hill to a Ladies check.

With the pack looking tired I decided to make a change. The pack split: with 8 runners going round a long loop down into the valley then back up again. The rest, with the aid of a colour trail map in the hands of Nik-Nak and Pongo made their way in the direction of the pub.

After the gruelling, yet enjoyable loop! The trail made its way through the outlying estate and round the corner to a big freshly laid On Inn. On arrival at the pub the walkers were no where to be seen. Even with the map they decided to take what they thought was a shorter route!?

After Coffees and myself the only one eating (Chilli con Carne, delicious), the pack circled up outside in the car park. My Down down was a total failure and I only managed two gulps before having to tip it over my head (full stomach!).

Other Down downs went to Ringer for 100 runs, Knobber for being late, Lunch Box for trying to play on the swings and White Rabbit for 'Shop talk' (Safeway's). Also Pecker received a Down down for failing to wear the Hashit on the run.

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