Run No. 528 7th October 2001

The Lytton Arms, Old Knebworth

Runners:  18
Mutts:  -
Ankle Biters:  -
Knitting Circle:  -
Apres:  -
Newies/Returnees:  -

After a confused start with the pack trying to identify the trail, Florence led them into the fields behind the pub. More chaos ensued as no obvious paths were visible, until the trail was found by Stallion across the ploughed up landscape. Various falsies were checked out whilst the majority of the pack hovered, not wishing to commit themselves. Eventually, Stallion again, led the way.

The hares, knowing that they were more like tortoises, had liberally scattered held checks on the trail to allow them to keep up with the FRBs. The trail led into Knebworth park, and a short cut was offered. Ringkisser was heard to ask if Knebworth House was Hatfield House! (the mystery event going on was identified by Florence as the 'Annual Door Stop Fair')

The pack headed down towards the lake, with Sludge deciding that he was going to run his own trail. At the ladies check, Bed Pan was left to check it out - the other female hashers had previously taken the short cut.

Sludge, who had ignored the on on, called on further along the trail [he has run this bit of ground MANY times - ed], causing the pack to head that way and leave Underlay and Bed Pan to try to catch up. Luckily, Nicole persuaded the pack to wait at a held check before continuing along the park's perimeter.

The short cutters were picked up at the monument before heading out of the park and back to the pub. For once, the pack was back at the pub within the hour - the hares did not want to reduce the drinking time available to the hash, especially as they had gone to the trouble of arranging a beer festival as well!

own downs were awarded to the hares, Florence for criticising the RA's choice of underwear, Pecker for walking (training?) to the hash and still being an hour late, and a christening for Nicole who shall now be known as "Camel" - you'll have ask her to show you why!

On On
Underlay & Camel