Run No. 526 23rd September 2001

The Green Dragon, Upper Gravenhurst

Runners:  15
Mutts:  -
Ankle Biters:  -
Knitting Circle:  -
Apres:  -
Newies/Returnees:  -

Shaggy was not available to lay the trail (some pathetic excuse about a wayward hare, or was it hair?). Fortunately, Cap'n Addock kindly volunteered to act as his substitute.

Laying the trail was pure pleasure - the sun was out, it was nice and warm and the countryside was just excellent. Half way round Capn Addock has to strip off one of his shirts, because he's in danger of overheating. At the end of the trail we discover that Capn Addock has lost his shirt (not a reference to a gambling debt) and goes back to look for it while Paintball decides to get the beers in. Half an hour later Capn Addock re-appears minus shirt, plus thirst, so another beer (or two) have to be imbibed.

The day of the run arrives and the weather has turned a bit bitter. The circle is called and Shagpile and Underlay announce their anniversary. Underlay also announces her birthday. Lunch Box gets chastised for binning the hashit, his excuse being that it caused him to come up in bumps in some sort of allergic reaction. A new hashit is produced. The Hares are called and after a brief interlude, the On-On is promptly called. As expected everyone immediately set off down the trail directly opposite the pub (its always been that way before). Ha Ha it's not that way this time, so after a couple of hundred yards everyone has to back track up the hill.

Pretty soon we encounter a ladies' check and Screamer immediately set off down the hill. This was a mistake, because it's a rather long falsie and the way back is all up up up. The correct trail leads to a complex patchwork of paths, which it takes some time to find the correct one. Eventually we find the correct trail, and crossing the playing field we stumble across a new type of check: the hares' choice check, which means that the hares choose who checks out the trail. BOF is promptly picked on which just serves her right for looking far too relaxed at this point. Not much more happens until we find Capn Addock's shirt which is none too worse for wear.

As we approach the pub the pack come across a stream, which also has a swing rope attached to a tree. Capn Addock can't resist the temptation (I always thought he was a bit of a swinger). It didn't take too long before he loses his grip and an almighty splash is heard. Did anyone else notice the pong later on in the pub?

Back at the pub HM calls the circle. Paintball holds a quick election for RA which was necessary because HM had neglected to nominate an RA for the run. By a unanimous vote, Paintball is elected RA for the day. The first announcement is from Paige [later to be known as Iron Maiden - Archive Ed.] who has just had one of her wobbly teeth fall out. This announcement was greeted by loud cheers from the assembled circle.

The hares are awarded their down-downs and Shagpile and Underlay get down downs for various and multiple celebrations. The RA awards the HM a down-down for not electing an RA. Mekon is awarded a down-down of bombay mix for attempting to devour as much bombay mix in the pub. Pooper is awarded a down-down for losing his tankard on the previous week's run (this was the second time that he has lost his tankard). Fortunately Pooper and tankard were quickly re-united.

Lunch-box is awarded a down-down (a pint of water - not beer) and the hashit for being a git. That will teach you to be so complacent about hash property.

On-On to Hardwick Hall
Paintball & Capn Addock