Run No. 524 9th September 2001

The Sir William Peel, Sandy

Runners:  20
Mutts:  -
Ankle Biters:  -
Knitting Circle:  -
Apres:  -
Newies/Returnees:  -

The pack seem to have woken up to the fact that we're running on Sundays now (almost double last week's turn out). A few headaches are present, not due to the mental strain people's grey cells were put to at Quiz nite (the previous evening) but the amount of alcohol that was consumed. BELL END missed Quiz nite but was partying until dawn elsewhere and needed his shades today.

We are called together by NIK-NAK to run 224?? (the pack soon corrected her), who after establishing she recognises all the assembled throng before her and discovers there are no birthdays or anniversaries (PECKER had delayed his arrival at the Hash to avoid discovery) hands over to the hares. After the usual warnings about staying on the trail, shiggy and mind the barbed wire are over we're off. AIRSCREW picks up the dust and discovers the first bar. Anther quick couple of bars and we're opposite the station at a conventional check. PAINTBALL and POOPER are keen to get on with it (they have a date at Aroma's with RINGER, so why did he not run??). It is of course false; as is the other way, discovered by Stephen (you only get capitals when you get a hash name!). A quick foray along both platforms of the station takes us to a held check.

No messing about on the roads it's on into the sand hills. The pack want to go to the top, they try three times at consecutive checks to get up there, the hares have beaten them on this occasion as it's back over the railway bridge (as discovered by DONUT). The trail then heads back to the hills, this time we actually get to the summit at a held check CPT'N HADDOCK was pleasantly surprised, he was expecting a T.

A short trot down hill and PONGO and GORJOYCE investigate the ancient burial site (that could be a ramp build by the local urchins to ride their bikes across). A quick couple of hill climbs and descents are negotiated by all except DONUT who is carrying a couple of soft balls (oops that should be soft ball injuries - sounds competitive to me). After negotiating a loop, the pack encounter the shiggy and a river crossing where WHITE RABBIT gets herself a little muddy and NIK-NAK has a paddle in trainers loaned from the GM (ooh that smelly mud !!).

After getting back to the pub in 50 minutes we are soon back outside for the circle. Beers for the Hares, PECKER and HASH BIKE (who are celebrating their nuptials of seven years ago). PECKER gets another from the RA for inflicting a bramble wound upon G-STRING. The RA presides over a double naming; Helen will for ever be known as SKIDMARK and Nikki (who after an incident on her first run, the RA has a long memory) is now BED PAN (I thought it should be BED WARMER as that was what was knocked of the wall, but who am I to argue with the RA?). NIK-NAK is the final down down for not taking care of the trainers that she had borrowed from the GM, the RA fills the one that had remained pristine such that the pair are completely soiled.