Run No. 523 2nd September 2001

The Bell, Benington

Runners:  12
Mutts:  -
Ankle Biters:  -
Knitting Circle:  -
Apres:  -
Newies/Returnees:  -

A piss poor turn out by the Hash Family for the first Sunday run, but it was good to see some old faces again (old = familiar & missed!) like Gorjoyce, Mabel, Feel and Scratch-the-dog. Also, it was good to welcome a newie in the shapely shape of Dawn, a fellow worker of Gorjoyce.

After the briefest of circles, Paintball took up the mantle of FRB and led the way, out of the village. He was soon easily decoyed by a craftily placed dob of dust and disappeared into a meadow following a non-existent trial with gusto. Meanwhile Mabel had discovered the true trail which led down a waterlogged lane. The first check allowed the laggards to catch up, and also provided a slight diversion as the pack stood to watch a flock of motorbike scramblers buzz by like a swarm of angry bees. Paintball, having caught up found the false trail (bless!) and pounded up the hill like a man on a mission. Donut had an inkling of where we should be heading, and was soon leading the pack up a stony track. A held check was gratefully reached at the top of a the hill and at this point the-man-in-a-white-teeshirt joined us (Airscrew) swelling the numbers to a round dozen. The opportunity was offered to the strollers to short cut, but was refused! It must have been a good run!

Into the hamlet of Much-Shagging-in-the-Wold, and out again. The only point of note was seeing Ebony trip over at mach 3 and spin over and over like a black and tan tumble weed. The pack were still together at the next check which had many footpaths leading from it. Satisfyingly, Airscrew found the nice long falsie and having found the T, was thoughly pissed off to find himself running two yards past the T a few minutes later on the real trail. A large open field presented many opportunities for false trails, and Gorjoyce was taken-aback to find herself as FRB. So phased was she to be at this unusual position that at the next check she cried 'Ohh a circle - what shall I do, carry on?' (Joyce has only been hashing for 14 years so hasn't quite got the hang of it). Soon the fun was bought to an end as the On-Inn was spotted and the happy hashers arrived back at the pub.

Paintball revealed himself as the double secret RA of the day, having been appointed at the end of the run by the GM. Pongo professed that it was the best run he had ever been on. Down-Downs to the Hares for being good eggs, Lozenge for gibbering on about w***, Dawn the newie, Gorjoyce for not priming the newie, Airscrew for check hovering, GM for being tardy in appointing an RA and your scribe again for questioning Paintball's pal Jo's bona fides when she asked for a H5 web site user account.