Run No. 503a 15th April 2001

Wicklow, Ireland

Runners:  24ish
Mutts:  -
Ankle Biters:  4
Knitting Circle:  a few
Apres:  about 4
Newies/Returnees:  2

The Harbour, Wicklow town. What can I say, it was a lovely sunny but brisk day beside the Harbour as a somewhat reluctant bunch of harriers got out of their cars suffering with all the ailments you get from a weekend of over-drinking and over-eating abuse. The circle was formed by an old archway and the GM harassed a innocent bystander to take a photo of us. We had to wait while Shagpile relieved himself behind the wall (Disgraceful behaviour).

Away we went skirting the streets of Wicklow with Smiffo, Cardiac and Pecker leading the way. We hit a check by the old Wicklow Jail and there was confusion as there was numerous trails to follow with Captain Haddock, Smiffo and Shagpile finding all the false trails. Chris and Greg the Newies were finding the going tough with all the hills.

When we had passed the church and got on the main road a passer-by pulled over and inquired what Hash we where from and hoped to join us on the Dublin run (Hashers everywhere). Passing over the Leitrim river did a massive big loop and came back over the other bridge which was quiet close to the one we had crossed over in the first place (did not go down to well with the Hash FRBs). Spitfire was observed to be indulging in a spot of competitive running with her brother Chris over the bridge. After that we came to the ON-INN adjacent to the river which stunk of rotten fish and crabs (It really stunk). To avoid the smell Pecker decided to take Jack in the buggy on a hundred meters dash to the cars, but had to detour around to a ramp cause he could not carry the buggy up the steps (a weakling as well as too much beer).

All arrived to the cars and Ringkisser was handing out the RA's beer to all and sundry. This did not go down well with the RA who punished her later. Down-downs happened much later after the run and they went to the hares: Rajah, Sludge and Penetrator. Hash Mistress fined Chris, Greg, Penetrator and Rajah for going to the pub before the dinner and holding up the circle. The RA punished both Ringkisser and Nik-Nak for having the circle so late. Spitfire for competitive running on the hash. And a drink on an enjoyable weekend in the Emerald Isle.

ON-ON Penetrator, Sludge and Rajah

Run No. 503b 15th April 2001

The Bell, Sandy

Runners:  5
Mutts:  0
Ankle Biters:  0
Knitting Circle:  0
Apres:  0
Newies/Returnees:  0

Sunday morning 7:30am - set off to lay run. 11:00 am - circle up, or try to with 5 hashers (Ringer, Boycie, Paintball, Paintball Jnr and Hare). After finding all the false trails, it was over the Sandy train bridge into the Sandy hills. Lots of false trails (Paintball seemed happy to find most of them). Back into the town, more running around like headless chickens. The trail then went to the north of the town. At this point I noticed that the pace of the run was quite quick (maybe due to the all-male cast, minus the knitting circle). More false trails, Ringer even ran a few he made up. The trail sneaked along the walkways until the pack found themselves at the checkpoint next to the river Ivel. A jog down to Ivel Road, more false trails then back on the trail, a shout of On Inn - Willow Rise and a short run back to the watering hole. 1 down-down to hare, Easter eggs for the kiddies from Paintball

OnOn Shaggy