Run No. 491 21st January 2001

The Bull, Barton-le-Clay

Runners:  19
Mutts:  1
Ankle Biters:  3
Knitting Circle:  -
Apres:  2
Newies/Returnees:  0

On a cold, sleety Sunday morning, the Hares are delighted to see 19 hardy Hashers turn up at the pub. The circle is called and given the temperature, everyone is keen for the on, everyone that is except Paintball, who decides a joke is needed first. The Hares report no hazards to encounter except the conditions and we're On Out to the right of the pub and up the High Street. Paintball and Pooper set off like the clappers in the direction of The Clappers, but unfortunately The Clappers do not figure in our agenda for the day, and the bar check is found. Smiffo and Cardiac correctly continue up the High Street and manage to spot the check from across the road. The pack is soon lead past the Recreation Ground and to the start of what will turn out to be a long, and in places steep, climb up Barton Hills, both in and out of the woods. What the previous day had been firm, snow-dusted ground, was now more like crunchy, muddy terrain. This made going uphill somewhat testing, except for Shagpile who, being tied around the waist to an eager Ebony had considerable assistance.

Part way up, the first of two special checks is encountered and the first 4 people to arrive at the check (Smiffo, Boycey, Mekon and Cardiac) find themselves heading back downhill to rejoin the back of the pack. At the next check, Ringkisser, Lozenge and GorJoyce take the short cut, but not before Smiffo has run a long falsie along it. Up at the top now and it has to be confessed a bit exposed to the wind-carried sleet. A straight run takes us down to the road, where the check is held to allow Pooper, who can think of several places he would rather be, to catch up. The road holds few clues but Shaggy sniffs out a longish falsie and pays the price. On the way back, Cardiac informs one Hare that since the trail was a false one, the lynching that was otherwise coming will now not be needed! Back to the road and the pack easily picks up the right trail, which will lead back over Barton Hills. This time the up will be gentler, but the down will be quite steep. The pack leaders come across the second of the special checks and 3 souls head for the back of the pack, Boycie was particularly miffed to have been caught twice. Back on the outskirts of Barton, at the bottom of the hill, the temperature is noticeably warmer. A run through the streets and footpaths of a couple of the Barton housing estates leads the pack back to the pub, but not by the most direct route.

Down Downs for the Hares and short of suitable candidates (only 9 stayed for the circle-up) the RA picked out GorJoyce for head apparel in the circle.

On-On Nik-Nak and Ringer