Man drinking on his own at a bar

"Dominic sat in silence toying with the pink-headed pimple on the end of his nose. With a sudden sppplhurt it finally exploded its greenish-yellow contents all over the windscreen. The drivers view was obliterated. Unseeing he sawed frantically at the wheel. Eventually the car turned on its side..."

With these words began the journey that is 20+ years of The Words. This Archive is a record of that journey.

Initially The Words was painstakingly prepared each week by cutting and pasting (that's scissors and glue to younger hashers) Hash Scribe's typed-up copy, together with newspaper cuttings etc, onto white card. The finished article was then photocopied onto A3 paper at somebody's expense – we'd probably best not enquire too deeply into that area – folded into 4-page booklets and taken to next week's run to be distributed among its avid readers.

Later years saw the introduction of electronics, The Words being distributed by email and posted soon after on H5's own website. The incorporation of photographs led directly to the format of The Words you see today. A downside of ending the paper version of The Words in favour of the website, is that due to space constraints on the web server, old Words were discarded and lost, some forever.

The Archive Editor is eternally grateful to three Hfivers in particular – Pongo, Donut and Count Roadkill – who wittingly or not preserved many of the earlier paper Words and printed off copies from the website. Without them, this Archive would not have been possible. Many of the middle years Words have had to be reconstructed, pieced together from the text of saved emails.

However this is not the end of the trail, there are gaps in the Archive record. Can you help fill any of them? If you can, please email Thank you.